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Phil's House of Bassoon Reeds

Welcome to my bassoon page, THE place to find great reeds!
I start with gouged cane that's grown in California. I then profile, shape and form the cane to my own high standards. Each reed is then dried for at least a week. This ensures the best fit to the mandrel, and less blade shift. After drying, I scrape, play and test each reed for several days before I consider it finished and ready for use.

Each reed must conform to my demanding standards! They are dynamic, responsive, full of sound, and enjoyable to play. As a demanding bassoonist, I've always thought that you should never have to "fight the reed". Wouldn't you like to try a freeblowing reed today?

All finished reeds are 10.00 each, and orders must be prepaid. I have 2 strengths available: Medium-hard and Medium-soft. I will do my best to process orders within 5 days of receipt of payment. Unfinished blanks are available for 7.00 each. Shipping and handling is $1.50 per order. Please make checks payable to Phillip Dann, and mail to: Phillip Dann, 23103 Logan Knoll Court, Petersburg, VA  23803.  If you would like to email me your order, I can usually have it ready by the time your check arrives.  My email is Philsbsn6408@yahoo.com

Upcoming Addition!!!

I'm compiling a guide, "Bassoon Reeds Made Easy". It's a clear-cut step by step guide on how I make bassoon reeds. In it I also discuss reasons for certain tools and steps, tools and supplies needed, and where they can be obtained. A "MUST HAVE" for every bassoonist!

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